We’re hosting a “parish social!”

At 7PM on Friday (May 15th), as well as at 7PM on Tuesday (May 19th) and Friday (May 22nd),  Fr. Trask is hosting Parish Social Hours via ZOOM.us.  Parishioners are invited to “drop in” to socialize and catch up on the last months’ worth of experiences (or frustrations).  No masks or social-distancing required!  Beverages appropriate to your age, as well as appetizers are welcome; please “bring your own!”

If you’re new to ZOOM, visit ZOOM.us and install their web app to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  And, if none of those are available, there’s a dial-in option available (providing you have free domestic calling, since the dial-in number is long-distance).

Meeting links were shared with parishioners as part of Fr. Trask’s weekly email message on Friday, April 24th; check your email (or spam folder) for the meeting link.  If you haven’t been getting emails from Fr. Trask, but would like to, click the link below and ask to be added to the list.

FOR SECURITY REASONS the links for the “Parish Social Hours” are not available on on the website.  If you didn’t get an email from Fr. Trask with meeting info, CLICK HERE to send him a request – you must include your name, your email address, and your cell phone number; he’ll reply with the requisite link for access to all of the up-and-coming Parish Socials!