Mass Seat Reservations

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going strong, and with the typically-large numbers of people who join us in celebrating the Lord’s Resurrection on Easter, it  is imperative that we do our best to  ensure a safe worship environment and adequate social distancing.  As this cannot be feasibly accomplished with open-seating (given the number of people who typically come to Easter Mass) ALL MASSES ON EASTER WILL HAVE RESERVED SEATING.

Signup is available on-line via the link at the bottom of this page.  Those without internet access, or anyone needing assistance, may reserve a seat by speaking with the parish secretary at 440.647.4375 x0 any Monday→Friday 9AM-to-5PM.  Additionally, Fr. Trask is also able to assist you with reserving a seat for Mass at 440.647.4375 x3.

Before requesting a reservation, please peruse the graphic below to see how the various sections of the church and how pews are numbered.

While most every pew can fit up to 6-7 individuals, COVID does not allow such capacity. Thus, each pew can now accommodate a max of 2-to-3 people … unless all occupants of the pew reside under the same roof.  Families of 3-or-more people living under the same roof should reserve BOTH the aisle AND center section of the same pew (eg. A7a AND A7c).

Reserving your pew via SignUpGenius

    1. In the new tab that opens, select from the tabs across the top the weekend Mass for which you would like to reserve a pew..
    2. In your desire tab, scroll down the SignUpGenius page until you find seat reservations (which will look similar to the following image – although colors vary between the 4 offered Mass times):
      Pews already reserved (eg. B5c & B5a) will show a name or “Already Filled” & NO “Sign Up” button
      Look for open pews (identifiable by the “Sign Up” button being displayed) and choose the place(s) you desire to sit by clicking “Sign Up” (eg. see B9c above).
      When you’ve checked the pew(s) in which you want to sit, CLICK “Submit and Sign Up”
    3. You’ll then be sent to the page where you actually make your reservation;
      it is required that you provide your name, email, and a phone number:
    4. You must provide your name, email, the number of people with whom you will be sitting, and a phone number in order to reserve a seat; once entered, click “Sign Up Now”.  If you fail to enter any of the required info, it will NOT accept your reservation; in that case, fix your oversight & click “Sign Up Now”.
    5. When you land a the following confirmation page, you know your reservation is successful:
      You will also receive an email confirmation of your reservation.
      Make sure to review this confirmation – to ensure that you actually signed up for the Mass time you intended to sign up for.  ALSO, please note the DAY & TIME of your reservation; there are 3 weekend Masses for which we are taking reservations, and each reservation page looks similar in design.

Having reviewed the process of signing up,
now is the time for you to reserve your pew.

Signups are available only for the up-coming weekend Masses.  Sign-ups for the following weekend will go live at (or about) 1PM every Sunday afternoon.  To SKIP THIS INSTRUCTIONAL PAGE IN THE FUTURE & GO DIRECTLY TO THE RESERVATION PAGE, type:

LASTLY: should your plans change and you are no longer able to attend this particular Mass, please inform the parish office (440.647.4375 x0 or ) so your pew may be made available to another.