Deacon Dino Paoletta

Deacon Dean (Dino) and Gabby Paoletta

Here’s yet another “coincidence.” As I’ve shared before, “coincidence” is when God wants to be integrally involved in a situation and yet remain totally anonymous.

When I first learned that Fr. Cole was granted permission to retire, I spoke with Fr. Schlegel (Secretary for Clergy and Religious) and indicated that the assistance of a permanent deacon would go a long way in assisting me fulfill pastoral duties and responsibilities in the my soon-to-be shared-pastorate with Sacred Heart Parish in Oberlin. Fr. Schlegel’s first response was: “Well, we try to station deacons within 20 minutes of their home, and there aren’t many deacons within that radius of Wellington.”

Fast-forward about three weeks…. In today’s mail (Monday, 3/26/2018), I received the attached letter from Bp. Perez officially appointing Deacon Dean (Dino) Paoletta as deacon at St. Patrick Parish. I would’ve announced Deacon Dino’s appointment at Masses this past weekend, but I had no idea it was coming; I honestly didn’t think I’d hear anything until the June appointments.

While some may chalk this up to the traditional definition of coincidence, I can only respond with: “Thank you, God!”

If you’d like to send a note of welcome to Deacon Dino (and his wife Gabby), his email is: