Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)

Let us remain united closely in prayer with, and for, each other.

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22 thoughts on “Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)”

  1. Please pray for healing with my breast cancer battle. Please pray for strength for my husband and sister. In Jesus’

    —Mary Ann

    1. For The Greater Glory of God.

      In joint union with the holy family of the rosary and all the saints, martyrs, angles all those who currently now witness the glory of the living God in heaven we invoke their intersession to join us in prayer.

      Through The Immaculate Heart of Mary and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. In memory and honor of the sacred passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ we offer these prayers.

      For an end to abortion and population control.
      For the relief of the poor souls in Purgatory.
      For the conversion of sinners.
      For the greater glory of God.
      For the greater salvation of souls.
      For the preservation of life.
      For the atonement, reparation and penance for the sins of the world.
      For God’s Mercy for his Holy intervention and blessing to come upon earth and those within.
      To reduce the evils of the world, the flesh and the Devil.
      For God’s intervention against the Anti-Christs
      to expel them from us their evil influences and their Ill intent for us all.
      For an end to deception and corruption.
      For the removal of the unjust in power and authority.
      For the Just to obtain power and authority.
      For an end to warmongering,
      For peace and prosperity to come upon the earth.
      For God to Bless the blind leading the blind with knowledge and spiritual correction.
      For to God restore spiritual life of the elect.
      For God to increase the numbers of the elect.
      For new spiritual leaders for the elect.
      For the servants of God to be brought to one flock, one-fold, one shepherd.
      For a brighter future for the world and the children of God.
      To avert crisis, to change the course of history.
      To a world most favorable in eyes of God to Bless.
      To propagate environments for the creation of Saints to bring the Greater Glory of God.
      To win souls for Jesus Christ.
      To fulfill our vocations in union with God’s Divine holy will.
      To successfully maintain and preserve the process left to us by our Lord Jesus Christ for future generations to come.

  2. My mother in law Marie McKnight Stocking is suffering from a severe infection and in septic shock. She is intubated and on a ventilator for a procedure today called an ERCP. Prayers please for my family and a speedy recovery!
    Hugs and Prayers!
    Jacky Stocking

  3. Update…

    May GOD BLESS all of you who have prayed for us!!! It means so much!!!

    I have begun a 2nd round of a different kind of chemotherapy and may have to get an operation for the cancer. Please continue to pray for me as well as my wife and children. – Mike

  4. Asking for prayers for Mike Beat. Over the next few weeks further testing will be scheduled at Cleveland Clinic. Thereafter, open heart surgery to be performed to repair left artery blockage.

  5. Please pray for William B (and his wife, Carrie) of Wellington as he fights ALS and she struggles to care for him 24-7 with no in-home care due to Covid restrictions in our state. 🙏💝🙏💝😊

    Thank you and God bless. Peace be with you. 🕊

  6. Please pray for Mark who, in an accident while cutting down a tree, received a concussion and spinal fracture is a far cry from what it could have been. Thank also for my family for coming together and their bravery for what needed to be done to keep him safe.

    1. Mike,
      Prayers are on the way for you and the family. May God intervene and give all of you his amazing grace!

    2. Mike, I just read your message and I will be praying for you.
      I went through Chemo treatments 2 years ago so I do understand what you
      Just started and I pray that it will work for you. Also for your wife and children.
      Make sure you start taking a fiber supplement like Miralax (clearlax, Sam’s brand) when you get home after the treatment and if that doesn’t work for you add prune juice instead of water.
      As you have probably been told, you have 24 hours after the treatment to get things done then it will be 2-3 weeks before you will be able to do much.
      This all depends on how strong the Chemo is of course.
      If you have any questions about the treatment and what to expect please don’t hesitate to email or call me. Brian. 440-213-****. b*******s@***.com

  7. Our son Jason tested positive for covid19 today. While he has some auto-immune issues and his symptoms from the virus are fatigue/sore throat, he does not require hospitalization.
    Your prayers for Jason and his immediate family will be much appreciated.

  8. I have a prayer request for my Aunt Jan. She was in remission but her cancer is back with a vengeance, and she is in the hospital in South Bend, due to a UTI infection that has gone into her blood. Please pray for riddance of the infection so that she can go home where she wants to be. Thank you.

    UPDATE …on my Aunt Jan. My Uncle called yesterday, said he went to see her and she was sitting in a chair, said hello and asked about the weather. PRAISE GOD! He said, your prayers kicked in sweetie ! I told him it wasn’t just me…so I thank you all and ask for you to continue. He said when he left the night before, he said his goodbyes and was set to plan a funeral. I told him the power of prayer can be amazing ! and he got to witness this. She’s come a long way from being incoherent to coherent…told him bet you thought I was crazy. Once she gains her strength, she’ll decide to continue with chemo due to the spread of the cancer. Peace and a Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you.

  9. My brother Chip was found unresponsive with labored breathing – they think he had a seizure and he’s on a ventilator to protect his windpipe – has a bacterial blood infection which they think has gone into the bone – please pray for him! This is his 3rd day unconscious… Many thanks…

  10. Jerry and Doris have both been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are recuperating at home. Although immuno-compromised, neither has required hospitalization. Your prayerful support for this couple, who’ve been through much together in their nearly 65 years of marriage, is most appreciated.

    1. Thanks to so many prayers for us, we have recovered from Covid-19. We are still working on the slow process of regaining our strength. We were in quarantine for 24 days . Father, thank you for sending the Ensure. Jerry actually liked it! Hopefully we will be back to church soon. Doris and Jerry

  11. Please pray for Tom (St. Pat parishioner) who was admitted to Elyria Memorial with COVID-19. Pray also for his wife – and for all others suffering from the coronavirus

    8/3/2020 update: Tom remains hospitalized. Your ongoing prayers for him, his family, and all those whose lives are impacted by the pandemic, are appreciated.

    8/12/2020 update: Earlier today Tom lost his battle with COVID19. Your prayers for his eternal rest, as well as prayers for his wife and family, would be most appreciated.

  12. Please pray for Deacon Dino Paoletta who is suffering from both numbness and weakness in his legs. While they’ve ruled out a stroke, they have yet to identify the reason for his loss of feeling/strength.

  13. Please pray for Martha Deppner, mother of Jean Bratton, and for all who have died … especially those who have died as a result of the coronavirus.

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