The sights of Prague … starting with Svaty Hora (the holy mountain)

Today was a very busy day!  This morning our group traveled to Svaty Hora (Holy Mountain). Father Paul celebrated Mass for us.

We are starting to see more pilgrims from other countries in our travels. Today at Our Lady of Victory we found a board with sticky notes on a world map of all the travelers stopping to see the Infant Jesus of Prague statue on their way to World Youth Day. Nathaniel Smith got St Patrick Wellington Ohio on the board!

We toured the Prague Caste. It is huge and is the largest (all connected) Castle in the world! The church with the castle, St Vitus Cathedral is entirely inside the castle area! The building on the Cathedral started in the late 800’s and didn’t finish until 1929! We visited the Infant Jesus of Prague statue in Our Lady of Victory. It is dated back to 1555. We then walked across the Charles Bridge which dates back to 1357! It is lined with 30 statues from the Baroque style. The statues depict Saints. A very busy but amazing day. The entire group, teens and adults alike were in awe of the sites visited.

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